Technoprint was founded in 1988. Back then it was a small commercial printers – and very well it did too. Over the last eight years Alan Ryan, our MD and owner, with John Bambery, our Chairman, has guided the company towards the specialist industry of pharmaceutical information leaflets. Printed on lightweight paper and folded down to as small as 26mm square, this truly is a niche product. In October 2010 we gained ISO9001 and PS9000 accreditation and in January 2012 gained ISO14001 accreditation, and now pharmaceutical business accounts for over 95% of our total turnover. Our newest presses will be running a maximum paper weight of 60gsm. Our recent and upcoming expansion and growth has been carefully planned, with new machinery and staff securely in place ahead of time.

Technoprint remains committed to its Quality and Environmental objectives and continual improvement; these commitments are displayed in the company Quality and Environmental policies which are available to view on our website. The company has developed and implemented an integrated Management System incorporating a manual, procedures and supporting documents to fully comply with the requirements of ISO9001:2015, PS9000:2016 and ISO14001:2015 across pharmaceutical and commercial work.


Our closed-loop in-house production facility means that at any time we have complete sight of your job. We know that things change, and that last minute amends to quantities and urgency are sometimes unavoidable. We can tailor a bespoke service depending on your needs as a business. We can accept copy/text only and create your leaflet from scratch, or take your finished artwork and create the folding pattern to fit your carton.


We work closely with our customers and suppliers to form true partnerships. We develop and improve our products as our customers grow and flourish, and their business needs change. A new carton machine, a re-brand, a move to new warehousing can all have knock-on effects. We can help ease the transition with a consultation on optimum paper weight, shape and size of leaflet, and then manage the artwork changes in-house. Need a quicker delivery, or to double the order? Give us a call and we’ll do our very best. We are extremely responsive, but rarely just reactive. We’re always looking to see if something can be tweaked or improved, and then we notify our  customer and tell them the good news.


We literally can’t keep still here at Technoprint. We work hard to improve every aspect of our business on as many levels as we can, constantly challenging our own products and service. Our recent IT upgrades have resulted in even greater levels of security and contingency planning. We have a very hands-on practical approach to all our new machinery – preferring to work alongside the engineers to tailor and modify all stations to our own demands. We deploy a meticulous level of research and planning that has seen Alan our MD travel across the globe to meet with like-minded industry specialists.