Supplying Large Files (20mb+):
Please use our Hightail account HERE to supply us large file sizes.

File formats accepted:
• PDF (must be Press Quality or Higher) Preferred Format
• Quark XPress
• Adobe Creative Suite CC 2015 – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
• Microsoft Office (only if acompanied with a hard copy)
• TIFF and JPEG files (300dpi)

Please Note
If there are any changes to the job, you may have to amend and re-supply the artwork. It is not always possible to amend PDF, TIFF or JPEG files correctly.

Artwork Services:
Don’t have print ready artwork? Call us to discuss our full in-house design and artworking services.

Call our Design Team on +44 (0)1606 861298 for more information.